Al Reshah Glass & Aluminium Works

About Us




Here at Al Reshah, we are committed to making your experience as easy as possible, from contacting our Customer Service staff to planning and designing your project to implementation.

The professionals at Al Reshah will help you realize your ambitions, whether it’s replacing old with new, a little restoration job, or a huge design. Our design expertise and service are unmatched.


our mission

Our mission is to constantly develop our technologies, products, and
services to exceed the expectations of our customers, allowing us to flourish as a company, give greater value through equitable business partnerships, and ensure appropriate returns to our shareholders.

our vision

Al Reshah will uphold ethical integrity in all business interactions while striving to be the greatest supplier of quality products and outstanding service to all clients and industries we may serve. We strive to provide the safest work environment possible while also
promoting positive values and work ethics and providing competitive employment opportunities.

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